Aiko Lozar

Aiko Lozar has always wanted to be a storyteller and began to pursue her dream in middle school with interests in theater, attending theater camp, and participating in Student Production Club. 

Educators at Carlsbad High, where she has taken theater classes and completed a course through UCLA on “Film and Television,” describe Aiko as an “outstanding student.” Accomplishments include a performance at the Tin Cup Poetry Slam, eighteen videos she produced and directed that won multiple festival awards, and recipient of the Spoken Word 2020 Festival Award.

Aiko plans to major in film production with a minor in business administration. Her mission statement is, “Using art to give back to artists.” She sees a future working in the film production industry, starting as a production assistant, interning, or working collaboratively with others with the long-term goal of becoming the director of feature-length films that accurately portray the Asian American experience.

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