Bronte Kunkler

Bronte Kunkler has goals, in her words, “to learn how to use new mediums, collaborate with creators, and design work that is beautiful, functional, and accessible to all.” This fall she is on her way to do just that at Purdue University where she will study product design. Her creativity reflects her enthusiastic, whimsical personality. With her university education, her skills with pastels and watercolors in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art are certain to grow. Bronte is an artist through and through. Besides being a visual artist, who has exhibited at the Oceanside Museum of Art, she also plays trombone and upright bass, and does comedy improvisation. In high school, she studied Japanese language for three years, belonged to the Japanese National Honors Society, completed Advanced Placement courses, and graduated with Honors. Bronte is likely to achieve her artistic goals and, indeed, to exceed them.

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