Adriana Gomez

Adriana Gomez started singing at the age of three years old. She loves singing because it allows her to address emotions that she otherwise would not. 

She expresses that choirs provide strong friendships with peers along with an emotional release. As the alto section leader of the San Diego Queer Youth Chorus, she performs music that addresses social issues.

Adriana attended Escondido High. She won first place in the 2020 Talent Show, had primary roles in three high school musicals, and was an active high school improvisation club member. During her freshman and sophomore years, she was a choir member and performed in Escondido Shines, receiving certificates for participation. 

Along with choir, acting and performing gives her self-confidence and the opportunity for increased dedication to her art. 

She is working to increase her vocal range and expand her video, dance, and theater interests. 

Adriana plans to major in music to pursue a career in music education or music therapy so that she can help others overcome their obstacles through the power of music.

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